Eyecare Services

The NHS recommends that you visit an optometrist every two years (or more frequently if advised). With a comprehensive range of professional eyecare services all under one roof, you can be sure that whatever your individual eye care needs; we will look after them.

Examinations & Testing

  • Comprehensive sight tests (suitable for babies up, see Young Eyes.)
  • Colour deficiency and coloured filter tests for dyslexia and reading difficulties
  • Field of vision testing.

Contact Lenses

  • Complete contact lens service, from initial trials through to aftercare
  • Wide range of lenses for all prescription requirements.

Glasses, Lenses & Frames

  • Relaxed and unhurried advice on a wide selection of stylish frames from budget to designer
  • Opportunity to design your own lens shape where applicable
  • Guidance on an extensive range of spectacle lenses and coatings, including the latest thinner and lighter lenses
  • Consultation on suitable glasses for driving to meet the legal requirements.

Specialist Eyewear

  • Glasses for computer use
  • Safety glasses
  • Range of sportswear and sunglasses for sports such as golf, skiing, swimming and cycling.

Low Vision Aids

  • Care and support regarding low vision aids and services.

Bespoke service

  • A full domiciliary service is available at your home if eligible