Frames, Lenses and Contact Lenses


We have a range of lenses to suit your specific prescription, including:

  • Extra thin – High prescriptions
  • Polycarbonate – extra safety
  • Bifocal, Trifocal and Varifocal
  • Specialists in Tinted, Polarized and Photochromic – adjust to changes in light
  • Anti-Reflection Coating – useful for night driving and VDU/computer use


Whatever your budget, lifestyle or taste preference, you will find the perfect pair of glasses from our wide range of stunning designs.

  • Designer frames – including Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Rayban, Polo, Ralph Lauren, Ted Baker, Jaguar, Bolle and many more
  • Rimless frames for a minimal look
  • Titanium – strong and lightweight
  • Specialist sportswear lenses ­– prescription swimming goggles and diving masks, specialist lenses for skiing, golf, tennis, cycling and mountaineering
  • Handmade frames
  • Specialist safety glasses
  • Sunglasses – specially coated to improve visibility.

Contact lens range includes

  • Daily and monthly disposable soft lenses
  • Daily and monthly toric soft lenses – for astigmatism
  • Daily, monthly and toric multifocal Soft lenses – for distance and reading
  • Extended wear soft lenses-up to 30 days continuous wear
  • Tinted soft lenses – with and without prescription
  • Full range of rigid gas permeable lenses including specialist lenses for keratoconus and multifocal lenses

New to contact lenses?

We’ll help you to adjust to contact lenses, offering new patients a consultation to include:

  • Lens fitting and assessment.
  • Insertion and removal tuition.
  • Tolerance trial lenses.
  • 6 months full after care.


Due to the extensive range of lenses that we stock, please call or email for specific prices.

As your personal eye care professionals, we are here to answer all your questions and offer expert unbiased advice to suit your individual needs.